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Having to do with Put Your Gun Away, our debut album.

Don’t Run (PYGA, track 02,09)

From time to time we try to document how a song came to be. This is from an older blog, and was written by both Rafi and Ned about the writing and recording of Don’t Run. Click here to listen to Don’t Run and the reprise, Run.
This song ended up as track two on [...]

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PYGA Review From the CD Baby Staff (ca. 2005)

Three minute pop rock instrumentals. That’s right. With so many instrumental rockers concerned with the extended jam, The Invisible Rays ask the following: why make a song ten minutes long when you can make it in three and make it rock? The textured instrumental expanses (created by guitars, bass, drums, well-placed samples, and electronic elements) [...]

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PYGA review from CD Baby (ca. 2005)

Badassmospheric rock that your friends haven’t heard yet
Reviewer: Justin A.
Admittedly, even the website is badass – and the album deserves it. The opener track “Fete Fatale” gave me an idea of what it could sound like if Sonic Youth, Portishead or maybe even My Bloody Valentine ever tried to soundtrack a Philip K Dick novel [...]

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