The Boston Noise Reviews Put Your Gun Away (2005)

From The Noise – by Joe Coughlin
There’s a special place in heaven for all-instrumental bands who can really pull it off, ’cause there’s about a dozen if we’re lucky. Except now it’s 13. This is trotted out as “an imaginary spy film soundtrack,” but it would work just as beautifully if they’d titled it “Steaming Pile Of Dung.” What sets these forward thinkers ahead is the sheer variety of moods they’re willing to take on. I mean, let’s face it, The Ventures and Los Straitjackets are all good fun, but they don’t exactly run ya through the emotional gamut. There’s playful, pensive, sinister, spacey, and much more here, and not a note of it feels forced. Plus, it says they largely wrote it as they recorded, which hints at some massive possibilities for their future. The overall organic wash of this is far greater than the sum of its considerable riffs and soundbites, resulting in a grand head-trip of the finest order. I seriously can’t wait to hear it in a moving car. Or for their next one. My only advice would be to bag the motifs next time, because some people are actually dumb enough to only hear what you tell them they’re hearing. Just do your thing, because it happens to be extremely damn cool and necessary right about now.

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